Sobriety, Where is it?

by Elaine Palmore

Years ago, when I was teaching preschool, a child announced to me that he and his family were, “Driving to Thanksgiving.” In his mind Thanksgiving was always out there in another place and could be accessed by driving. Sobriety is a similar situation in the minds of some folks who struggle with addiction. Sobriety is not a place that you can reach by car, airplane, boat, or any other type of vehicle.

Sobriety is not a feeling or a place to which you can drive. It is a process, and the only way out of your misery is through the process. The process begins with surrender to the addiction and realizing that the addiction is stronger than you. After that, you are in a struggle to save your own life, you will require help. You cannot be or stay sober on your own. At some point your addiction has become the strongest force in your life. This craving is greater than family, friends, religious beliefs, and even stronger than self preservation.

For some sobriety will be AA or NA or a recovery community that forms from being in treatment. For others it may come from a therapist or family doctor. It matters not how you come to be sober, it only matters that you no longer have the obsession to drink or take drugs to the point that you no longer continue living.

There is a large warm light at the end of the recovery tunnel. Recovery is a safe place but it is not an effortless destination. The methods are simple but not easy and it is well worth the journey.