Life from the backseat

by Elaine Palmore

My experiences in the rear seat of a moving passenger vehicle exceed that of most females my age. You see my grandson’s car seat is in the backseat and I get to sit next to him. When we are riding around town we can joyfully eat, drink, play games, look at landmarks and farm animals, advise his mother my daughter on how to drive, and generally have a grand time. If you knew his mother you would know that no one has successfully given her directions since the very early days of her life and those were summarily ignored.

We all feel very lucky to have my daughter with us because of her many near death experiences as a youth. We were blessed in those early days to live in an apartment complex with a pool, hence the near death experiences. I have two children, one male and one female with very distinctive personalities. My son would arrive at the pool and wait for me at the water’s edge. My daughter would dart into the pool area and head straight for the deep water by the diving board. Her intent was to jump into the deep water before the rest of our troupe could enter, even though she could not swim. She was little bitty and required being rescued and reprimanded each time. At first we thought this quirk was funny and fun but it became a very serious problem in a short time.

At any rate, now that my grandson is three he has pretty much the same temperament as my daughter, in that deep end of the pool sort of way. The blessing here is the top rated car seat with straps and harnesses to hold him in place for these short but memorable jaunts. By listening to him it is possible to catch up on the latest episode of Masha and the Bear, Daniel the Tiger, or Sesame Street and have lively conversations about each. Lately we have realized the existence of the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man which has changed the tenor of our conversations.

How well I remember the comments that we were hearing about my daughter all over again with my grandson. “Oh she is such a spirited child,” or “Is she always so active?” Yes, he also is spirited. In his case it is possible to eat, jump on a trampoline, and sing with the TV all at the same time. At this juncture we are experimenting with “stunts” which are hair raising events that he is recreating from TV or movies that he loves. I cringe when I hear, “Watch this Mimi!”

The quiet times in the backseat these days are glorious. I am so grateful to be a grandmother.